Thursday, 28 February 2013

Miss Kirina: Producing In Kenya Is Almost Impossible

Who is Janet Nariki Kirina?

She is your ambitious always on the grind...reinventing herself every day kind of girl..most of the people who really know me describe me as too honest for my own good.

You have a new song out. Tell me about that?

Its actually not a new song as such...I wanted a different version of the original Love Mission, but the remake is better for performances. I'm really enjoying being on stage so I want to explore every bit of it. Because its that one moment [when i'm on stage] I am not trying to be a perfectionist, I'm just going with it.

Besides the new single, what else do you have out?

Niingize Box, is another of my single which was released 6 months ago. It has gotten me the gigs i have now and the 2012 Kisima nominations for New Artiste and Urban Artiste. Its the song that helped me realize the direction Nariki wants to take.

You also have a TV show going on? What is it about?

I'm on location shooting a kids show called Know Zone. We are working on the class 2 syllabus and I must admit its hard being a teacher. I am just lucky I have the most brilliant co-hosts Charles Ouda and Jack Kibedi the puppeteer. Plus i'm also working with Mediae Company, who also do Makutano Junction and Shamba Shape-up crew is crazy fun.

Do you have any other film/TV projects in the works?

Kirina Productions is working on the movie My Life In Crime. Final casting for the main roles is about to close. Any local and international investors out there, this is the kind of movie you invest in. The script is great. The audience for this genre is ready.

You have a pilot TV show in the works starring yourself, Nice Githinji and DJ Creme. Tell me a bout it.

GLAM is a music drama. It revolves around the lives of two ladies. Myself and Nice Githinji and the only steady man in their lives DJ Creme Dela Creme. It is about the fame, glamour, relationships. The struggle and dirty side of all these. We shall have lots of music in it too. Its a fresh angle that we are exploring.

What are your aspirations, passions with respect to your entertainment career?

I am doing a lot of the things i have been dreaming of. Some that I never realized I had it in me to do. Producing for TV and Film, music, acting, presenting and organizing events under my company D'emille Events is so fulfilling. Every day I want to be the best at what I do and every day I have something new to learn. It's all a journey that starts when you believe you are powerful that you have it in you and surround yourself with people who believe in you.

Where do you see yourself two years from now?

Having grown at the fields I have been laying foundation for and get into other ventures mainly fashion although performing is mainly what I am going to focus on more.

What are some of the major challenges you have gone through in your career – generally?

Wow...where to start! There times I feel like I have no clue what am doing or where am going. Just yesterday I called a close friend of mine and they had to encourage me and give me the strength. It has been a rough and intense journey. Having to wait so long to get your music played or getting to a point where I can say I have a "rate" as an actor...took years of producers paying me peanuts. Producing in Kenya is almost impossible...getting someone to believe your project will make money takes years especially because our Industry is young.

What advice would you give the youth about the upcoming elections?

Kenya is Greater Than ANY ONE of us. Its taken bloodshed and tears to get the Kenya we have today, let us not destroy that. Think about your tomorrow, where do you want to be? What do you want for future generations...Vote for peace, Vote wisely. We are ONE.

Anything else you would like to add?

Look out for the Glam pilot, it will be online after elections.