Thursday, 14 February 2013


The Mi-Fone brand of mobile phones is now available at one of Kenya's most popular photography chain stores Fuji Colorama. The collaboration between Mi-Fone and the popular Kenyan one-stop photography shop grows out of a need for Mi-Fone to increase its quality offerings via Grade A retail spaces and for Colorama to offer their customers more complimentary product lines.

As a launch campaign, customers who buy selected Mi-Fone Android handsets from Fuji Colorama will get a free second phone. This promotion runs for a limited time only while stocks last and is positioned against the companies' "I Love Mi-Fone / I Love Africa" brand campaign.
Fuji Colorama Product Manager Krishna Pall noted that more people use their camera phones to capture events, and felt that retailing Mi-Fone handsets would increase the customer base.
"Everyone today wants a camera phone; this is a lucrative business opportunity for us since the mobile market is big and we also print from phone cameras," said Krishna.
Mi-Fone Chief Executive Officer Alpesh Patel was keen to note that the positive uptake of Mi-Fone by Kenyans had motivated the increase in supply, and was grateful to the support that Fuji Colorama was offering to the growth of the brand.
"Fuji Colorama has historically offered a great photographic / camera driven experience. We are positive that the good work done by Fuji Colorama will address the growing convergence of devices and cameras at affordable prices," said Alpesh.
The Mi-Fone range of data-enabled handsets, which are priced at between Ksh 3,000 and Ksh 14,000, offer an impressive range of features and value added services, including Mi-Mail (push email) and Mi-Chat (Pin Messaging between Mi-Fone users). Mi-Fone also offers a smart feature phone with a 60-day battery, entry level and 3G Qwerty devices and a range of Androids to suit varying needs.
Also included in the Mi-Fone product offering is Mi-Fone Music – 2 GBs worth of pre selected African content from east, west, central and southern Africa through "Mi-Apps" store which features works of art from local artistes and many other African talents, by thereby expanding their revenue stream.
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