Friday, 22 February 2013

Kenyan Artistes Run For Integrity

Transparency International, Kenya (TI-Kenya) made peace a priority as it launched the “I RUN FOR INTEGRITY – I AM THE CHANGE” peace campaign at their offices.

TI-Kenya Executive Director Mr. Samuel Kimeu said the stakes are very high in these elections. "We are in a new era of the first General Elections under the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and that has made the dynamics different from previous elections."

In the lead up to the March 2013 general election, the campaign aims at sensitising the population and especially Kenya’s youth, on the importance of electing leaders based on their personal integrity, competence and suitability. The campaign calls for elections that are free, fair, transparent and peaceful. The youth make over 60% of the population of Kenya and have the potential to completely change the course our history if they use their vote and numbers for this purpose.

The campaign’s message will be spread through two concerts in Nakuru and Mombasa, targeting a total of 40,000 people. Its strapline is “SIASA NI KUAMINIKA. KUTUMIKIA. KUBADILISHA”, which translates as “Politics is: being trustworthy, serving, bringing about change.” The concert dates are Saturday 16th February at Nakuru’s Afraha stadium and Sunday 24th February in Mombasa. Both are family concerts and will be held during the day.

TI-Kenya has enlisted 6 leading artists to champion the message of integrity and peaceful elections: Jua Cali, Sanaipei, Rabbit, Avril, Ala-C and Marya. Together with the campaign team, they have produced an anthem called “RFI” (“Run For Integrity”) which was unveiled at the press conference.

Jua Cali said: “I believe in my people. I believe that Kenyan youth want what is best for the country and I believe they will choose peace and integrity this election.”

The official sponsor of the campaign is Transparency International Kenya (TI-Kenya). TI-Kenya is part of the Transparency International group that is a non-partisan coalition of individuals with a shared vision of a corruption free world. The campaign was conceived by Kenya Believe It movement, which encourages all Kenyans to work together for positive change and to transcend tribal, ethnic and gender divisions. The I RUN FOR INTEGRITY initiative is the first of its kind in Kenya. It has identified Kenya’s youth as a voting group pivotal to the country’s future.

TI-Kenya appeals to youth in Kenya to support this campaign by logging on to the official TI-Kenya Facebook site:, where they can express their thoughts and opinions freely in a safe, respectful manner. Trending on twitter #irun4integrity and follow @TIKenya.