Monday, 18 February 2013

Check out a New Game: The Election Thief!

The Election Thief is a Kenya made game and is out on the Google Play store for free. Most notably, the game acts as a tool for spreading the peace message via social media sites.

The aim of the game is to control Omu, the ordinary citizen, to track down and catch the Election Thief. Jump from platform to platform in pursuit of the fleeing bad-guy who has stolen the votes during an election.

Some of it's features are

Colorful environments that you’ll never get tired of seeing!

75 levels grouped into 15 chapters, each with various rewards on their completion.

Powerful opponents hired by the evil Election Thief to thwart your efforts of chasing him down!

Challenging levels with puzzles to excite your brain!

Dodge machetes, spears and boulders hurled at you by the mean Election Thief’s hired goons in this action-packed game!

Get relief from the Bonus round … if you are lucky enough!

Compelling story with a dramatic conclusion!

Simple and easy to understand game play!

Ever rising level of challenge as you progress through the 75 levels.

Measure your skill and your luck!

Practice your skill in Practice mode to increase your chances of seeing the end of the story!

Brag to your friends how awesome you are through Facebook and Twitter from the game by posting your high-scores!

Share with the world various messages of peace spoken by our hero Omu!

It is so easy to play, anyone can do it!

Solve puzzles to keep track of the culprit.

Balance on slippery surfaces.

Battle raging winds that blow you away from your goal!

Avoid dangerous hazards such as razor-wire laid in your path by the Election Thief and his thugs!

Check out the video demo below...