Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Call for Peace by 9-year-old Charlene

Here is a call for peaceful Kenyan elections by a 9 year old Charlene Mugo.

Below is the message Charlene calls for: "My name is Charlene Mugo, I am 9 years old. In 2008, I had just turned 4 and I can still remember images of chaos and fire on TV and I remember we could not even leave the house.

"I could not understand everything that was happening but I know things were not right. I want to become a surgeon when I grow up and I would like you to help me achieve this dream. Elections should give Kenya better leadership and not kill dreams.

"While I am not old enough to vote, your actions on March 4th will determine my future and the future of millions of Kenyan children. If you choose to throw stones and bitter words, you will be fighting to kill my hopes and dreams.

"You will have chosen a bad future for me or even no future at all without my will. Kenya needs me. Kenya needs peace. Let your vote be your only weapon, choose peace."

Watch the video below...