Monday, 25 February 2013

Big Brother Contestant Reveals His HIV Status To Fans

Zambian Big Brother Housemate told the country's national paper, Times Of Zambia that he is "not a player" and to prove it he revealed his HIV status to the paper so that his "results can say it all."

Maxwell Chongo better known to fans as Maxwell Chongo renounced his five-year long relationship with a home faithful girlfriend to dramatically fall for South Africa's Lerrato.

Anyhoo, the paper reports that perceived as a women player, Max had a point to prove when he went for VCT and made his results public.

"I am not what people think I am, I am not a player and my results can say it all. I am HIV negative....With this said, I have a very important message for the youth, please go for VCT and for guys consider male circumcision because this is a sure way of portraying our love and care for our women folk."

However Max refused to comment further on his relationship.