Sunday, 27 January 2013


Afrobeat star Seun Kuti is in Nairobi for "private business". The Nigerian musician is said to be in the country for a "private performance" and other "private engagements".

The son of the Legendary Femi Kuti will be around "for a while", this is according to Buddha Blaze.
On his Twitter page, Seun Wrote: "Apologies, there won't be end of d month show @ Afrika shrine on Saturday as I will b leaving d country for a short trip. Tnx 4 undstanding."

Anyhoo, y'all know Seun from the Occupy Nigeria Movement.

In an interview with Net Nigeria, the social activist was asked whether the Occupy Nigeria revolution, would change things?

He said, "I did not. You don’t sit down 20 years doing nothing and just decide to protest for one week and think the world will change immediately. My own grievance towards the deregulation is their motive behind it. For me, before you can impose deregulation on us, considering the fact that other countries pay far less than you charge for the same product already, they should provide us the same amenities with the other countries they refer us to, then you can charge us what you want to charge us. Not just because Okonjo Iweala said it.said,"

In other news: Here are some reactions to Seun Kuti's "private" visit on Twitter.

Keep it here for updates... In the meantime here is one of his joints, Rise...