Thursday, 24 January 2013


Cindy Ogana, a radio presenter talks to Karen 'Kaz' Lucas about verbal abuse and how it's disregarded as a form of abuse in many African communities.

In the documentary, Cindy says that the verbal "abuse took a toll" on her because she was the youngest of the children.

She adds that "I couldn't deal with it. I felt i couldn't talk about the verbal abuse to anyone... Basically i grew up very needy."

She continued: "It took me ten years and a child later to realise i need to know myself." She went through a rebirth to get to know herself afresh and now believes that "You can't control the past you can control the future."

Her story is part of Kaz's series of documentaries on Kenyan Woman for a campaign dubbed One Billion Rising.

Her courage to rise above it is remarkable. Listen to her story.