Friday, 25 January 2013


During the 2007 post-election violence many families were left homeless and many children headed to the streets - a situation evident to this day. In AMKA KENYA project the former and present street children are actively participating in governance and peace building.

They voice their concerns regarding the political tension presently evident in Kenya through music and art. After all, they know the pains that are as a result of a nation torn by violence; they have lived it.

Amka Kenya Team has arranged a Peace March, Concert and Launch of Amka Kenya Music Album in DC Field in Kibera Slums on 26 January 2013. The event starts in Karanja Road in Kibera slums at 9 am with a Peace March which leads the participants to the concert venue in DC’s Field. The programme will end at 3 pm.

Top talents from the streets will be performing to their brothers and sisters from the streets, general audience and the nation at large thereby demonstrating the potential every child possesses, giving hope to those who are still living in the streets.

Children from Mahimahiu IDP camp will present a peace song dedicated to every citizen, shining a ray of hope even though they have lived it all in the IDP camps.

The main objective of this peace initiative is to sensitize the nation on peaceful co-existence especially during this period of political campaigns towards the forthcoming general elections.

We also aim to get good media coverage to the event, but even more so to the children’s rights in Kenya.

The day’s programme consists of a peace march, launch of Amka Kenya music album by Ndugu Mdogo Choir, music performances, spoken word, poems, cat walk and acrobats. The performances carry messages of peace and human rights.