Friday, 21 December 2012


Kobi Kihara's love for photography can be eveidenced in her documentary dubbed The American dream.

The documentary is an in-depth look at the lives of various Kenyans residing in the US. Kobi wrote, directed and produced the 11-minute documentary under her company With An Eye Productions.

The photography bug hit Kobi when she was 21 years old, starting with a photo 101 course at the Torpedo Factory, a fine art school in Virginia . "I always had an interest in the fine arts" she says " but the camera was more immediate and I knew at once that was what I wanted to do".

Her first memorable gig was the visit of then Sen. Barrak Obama to Kenya, on this particular day he was tree planting with Nobel peace prize winner Wangari Maathai, as she was pushing and shoving with other journalists to get the best shot, the senator stopped and commended her for being a great photographer...."As you'd expect, this provided me with major encouragement and enthusiasm" she says " it played a significant role in propelling me to undertake photography full time."

This gave birth to With An Eye Productions, to date Kobi has done commercial work all over Kenya, NGO work, advertising campaigns, coffee table books and personal portraits to name a few.

It is Kobi's sincere intent that her work be utilized in ways to educate, show a positive light of African people: their life, work and happy faces; and to promote both environmental health and cultural understanding of this country and worldwide.