Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Rapper Octopizzo has drawn y'all a blue print of how to be like his alter ego, Octomontana.

Here are the steps for ya...

Number one

Be the dude that looks out for your boy when he wants to piga a barbie - yaani rich boy - ngeta .

Number two

Have a designated corner or area where you and your boy chill and wait for someone to thug. You can do so as you spit rhymes...

Number three

Give "all politicians the middle finger."

Number four

Since you can't stand your rival fill your days with coming up with artistic grafiti of them....

Number five

Smoke a joint

Number six

errr... after chilling, take a ride with your boy. On an Number Nane branded vehicle to match the belt.

Number seven

Stack your music nemesis in the trunk of your car. then head out to meet your crew.

Number eight

Make sure your gun working well. Polish and clean it...

Then say bad-ass stuff like dildos and vagina...

Number nine

Throw darts at the face of your rival as your boy shoots up...

Number ten

A shoot-out will definitely ensue for one reason or another

Number eleven
Shieeet... a kneegrow has to defend himself.

What? you don't believe me? Watch the video for yourself...