Thursday, 18 October 2012


Fellow Kenyans,

We wish to officially respond to the family dispute you might have witnessed through the media.

During a family meeting held two months ago, our mother Mary Auma Oliech indicated her desire to sell off some of her property in Nairobi including a plot located in Dagorretti, area with a view to resettling upcountry. The family was divided in opinion and we resolved to discuss the issue further during an upcoming meeting.

However, a section of the family members were shocked to later learn that two of our family members namely Ken Oliech and Elsie Achieng ganged up and decided to oppose this matter in court despite the fact that it is a domestic issue that can be settled amicably.

Also note that the said plot is in our mother's name and thereby she is constitutionally allowed to sell it. Still, our brother Dennis Oliech, who purchased this land for our mother has categorically stated that our parent can do as she desires with the property.

The family hereby questions the motive of the lawyer who is representing Ken and Elsie, as it seems he intends to damage the image and reputation of the family and make money out of this family affair.

More correspondence on this issue will be issued when the family amicably resolves the matter.

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