Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I am good at…swimming and artwork. I was a swimming coach before

I am bad at……explaining things along the way. I do not have the patience to keep explaining things over and over.

The last book I enjoyed reading was……Who moved my Cheese by Ben Carson.

A common misconception of me is……that I am unapproachable. When people meet me and get to know me they realise that I'm the best person to hang around.

One of my worst childhood fears was……pain I was very scared of it. Infact I hated it. I still do to date.

My ideal night out is……I do not got out. After a long day at work I always want to sleep.

The best age to be is……21. Atleast from there you can set your goals straight. You have a clue of what exactly you want in life.

The best part of my job is…..Meeting new people. Lately I'm really enjoying from being a the reigning Miss Kenya. Meeting people I never imagined I'd meet and getting them to recognise me gives me really makes me happy.

In another life I would have been…..A famous model like Tyra Banks and Ajuma

Historical leaders I most identify with……..Mandela and Gadaffi. I know that there was so much negative talk on Gaddafi but he was a strong leader. Every bad person has his nice side and even though I'm not Libyan I think he contributed in the little success that the country achieved.

My greatest regret is……
Not having made some decisions before. I would be so far by now.

My greatest possession is…..my personality. I'm not being vain but I love myself as I am.

My greatest achievement.....being Miss Kenya. It's like a dream come true.

My favourite writer is……Ben Carson.

If I was to die in five minutes, my last words would be…….Sorry to the people I unknowingly wronged.

Shamim Nabil is the reigning Miss Kenya. She recently represented the country in China emerging among the top 15 worldwide.