Monday, 29 October 2012


Former beauty queen and now songbird Juliet Achieng recently released her music videos, The Way You Love Me and Whatchu Say that were shot at Ngong House-Karen.

In her effort to try and reach a wide audience without losing the depth and contours of what she’s offering them, she actually proved the fact that what the new artistes are bringing us is really good, especially in video production and general qualitative delivery.

The Ulopa produced song, sculpts her out as a prolific singer who possesses the versatility of a star bound neither by the limitations of genre orientation nor by rhythmical routine stagnation.

The romantic RNB song, unfolds the tale of a lady who is in love and one that appreciates the effort made by her male counterpart in making her uphold the pride in her sex. She smoothly and comfortably communicates the sense of her musicality in collaboration with the self-professed king of rap Collo famously of the Kleptomeniax fame, who blends in with a fancy rap and together they surely do justice to this masterpiece. Her choice of location for the video comes as a plus in ensuring that the authentic audio gets a perfect visual effect.

The Ngong House which sits at the heart of the leafy Karen area gives the video a serene feel that befits the theme and mood of the lyrics. The cultural and creative setup of the location also carries the viewer away from the obvious hustle and bustle of the urban metropolitan set up, to a more relaxed and sight soothing placement.

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