Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Love Choice is the brand new single from Dominican reggae artiste Aima Moses. The song is featured on the frequently rotated Amore rhythm from Donsome Records.

The romantic lovers rock tune highlights the emotions that a man expresses for the woman in his life while at the same time encouraging respect and appreciation for her.

In a release to the media, Moses explained the story behind the Love Choice single. “Love Choice speaks about a man being satisfied and pleased with his wife, or girlfriend and expresses how he appreciates her while highlighting the good qualities about her”, said Moses.

The Amore rhythm is the latest in a growing catalogue of projects from the Adrian Hanson led Donsome Records label. The project also features songs from Ginjah, Sizzla, Turbulence, Lady Lex, Erasto, Khago, Nature, Colton T, and Brown Shuga among others. Asked how he felt being a part of the project, the singer said “My instant reaction to being involved with the project was exciting to me, just being part of such a project with so many powerful and authentic artistes’, he pointed out.

Moses, who describes himself as versatile artiste, is known for his songs which speak about the social ills of the world.

He points out that Love Choice inevitable because it’s lyrical content are about real life situations.

“It is important to pay tribute to the women in our lives because they are a big part of our daily lives. Therefore it is very important to me as an artiste who always sings about real life situations no matter what the subject is”, Moses reiterated.

The artiste, who recently released his mix tape to much fanfare, says he is working on various singles and collaborations under the Donsome Records banner.

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  1. aima moses you are wonderful. the UK is calling you. Thank you for all your hard work to bring us such wonderful tunes xx