Monday, 24 September 2012


Before I read the press release explaining the Sauti Sol music video, I was completely lost. I did not understand what the white rooster in the numerous scenes meant or symbolized. Nor did I fathom who the Caucasian woman stroking it was.

I was also a bit thrown by the fact that the model chic – whom Bien Aime Barasa kisses– looks like she is in a trance when she wakes from her sleep. Again, the same rooster is in the scene with her in bathroom area when the chic is undressing and eventually when she takes a bath - while still wearing her stilettos. It finally ends up on Bien’s shoulder when he is left alone after the card game.

Here is the release: Range Rover is a song about opulence, wealth and material success; a ‘bling bling’ song with a twist. The video displays this, showing Sauti Sol bathing in wealth in an artistic setting dramatically different from the regular ‘bling’ videos.

The storyline revolves around band member Bien-Aime having it all; fame, a new car, a beautiful woman, friends to hang out with, a table overflowing with wine, fruits and other delicacies. As the story progresses he slowly loses all he has acquired.

The video an embodiment of the volatility of wealth, one day you have it all, the next it is all gone. Some friends turn out not to be true and real love is not bought by money.

The location was in Hembrugterrein, Zaandam, Netherlands, an old ammunition factory that is now an official cultural heritage site popularly referred to as “the cathedral”. The rooster is a symbol of Sauti Sol’s new coat of arms. The old lady, Jeannette –93, was chaperoning the rooster together with its owner Tonny.

The model is Nella Ngingo, originally from Burundi who now lives in the Netherlands. The model of the car in the video is the latest 2012 Range Rover Evoque.

The song is written and composed by Sauti Sol and produced by South African hipster, avant-garde producer and rapper Spoek Mathambo.

Here have a look at the video…