Thursday, 6 September 2012


The date for filmmakers worldwide to submit entries for the seventh edition of the Kenya International Film Festival scheduled for October 24th to 3rd November this year has been extended by two weeks.

According to the festival director, Charles Asiba, filmmakers have up to the 17th of this month to submit their entries.

"We are pleased so far with the number of films we have received and we want to call upon filmmakers who want their films screened at our festival to send in their films as soon as possible", Asiba said. 

The theme of this year's festival which will be held in Nairobi as well as Mombasa and Kisumu cities is "The Classics" which aims at reviving the memories going for the movies.

While speaking at his office the Kenya International Film Festival Board Chairman Mr. Michael Otieno said "This year's Kenya International Film Festival is a unique venture as it will gel the classics and the new and upcoming films." He added that "KIFF being the only film festival which has screenings in multiple towns adds to its uniqueness. Last year we screened in Mombasa and Kisumu for the second time and we were elated by the success of this."

He added that "We want to expose as many Kenyans as possible to films from all over the world. We want them to see what other filmmakers are doing and also just entertain Kenyans and expose them to what other people are going through around the world because we believe that film is a reflection of a people and a reflection of their circumstances."

The ten day film bonanza has already attracted 300 films from 45 countries. This year the festival is expected to screen a total of 360films from over 49 countries.

The Kenya international Film Festival commonly known as KIFF is an event that celebrates the achievements of filmmakers worldwide. It recognizes exemplary performance and successes of the film sector. The festival also aims to encourage innovation, creativity and intellectual interaction among film lovers, producers, critics across the globe.

It also recognises creative, dedicated and innovative film teams and their achievements.