Sunday, 30 September 2012


For the last two months, readers of Hot Secrets have engaged in a Mi Phone promotion that saw three lucky winners walk away with the new Mi 400 phone. It's a simple but sleek phone for the uptown urbanite.

Hot Secrets reader’s submitted the most interesting comment on why they would want the phone and which African artiste they like and why. The three lucky winners were Amina Abdi, Tina Kopiyo and Emmanuel Chenze.

Amina wrote in to say that she should win the phone because “My handbag was taken at gun point. It had all my belongings including my cell phone and now am walking around with a Nokia 1110. I’m very much embarrassed even to receive a call in front of people because of the technology that we are in (touch screen).” She added, “Secondly, I want the phone because it has everything in terms of social sites.”

Amina’s favourite Africans artistes are, Amadou and Mariam (The blind singers from Mali) and I like the fact that despite their being blind, they took music to a different level. This is in addition to their song having a rock like tone.”

Techie and Moi University student, Emmanuel Chenze, wrote, “I am an internet addict and this phone has easy internet access via 2G, plus it comes preloaded with Opera Mini, my favourite mobile web browser, so I am covered,” adding, “I have been a Twitter addict for far too long and my Facebook audience is crumbling. Well the Mi-400 has a dedicated Facebook button, this will help me rediscover my Facebooking mojo. My over 600 friends are complaining I am rarely accessible, it is time I became accessible, I believe.

“The camera. I have read online reviews that say that the VGA camera is good and works as intended. I also want to capture my memories in an instant. The camera may not be mighty like those on smartphones but it is just what I want.

“It has a dual SIM. There are better rates from various mobile operators. I cant wait to take advantage by having a dual-SIM phone. Being a student means at times I have to text and make more calls in order to coordinate my activities in college, this phone will come in handy.”

His Emmanuel’s music taste is ageless. “Look at Franco's songs for example, I was born in the 90s and my generation is known for the hiphop and RnB of our age but whenever Franco's songs are playing, I am all ears. I grew up listening to Kanda Bongoman, who was and still is my favourite artiste. How do you explain the fact that when you still hear his music play you are tempted to touch the volume knob? It is because of the richness.

"That is why we have no problem listening to South Africans like Brenda Fassie sing in their native tongues or Congolese musicians do their thing in Zaire and a touch of the French language or N'Dour from Senegal do his thing. Or even new entrants like Fally Ipupa. I mean African music is just lovable, look at the wide array of musical instruments that can be employed. The orutus, the nyatitis, English instruments like the saxophone... the list is endless. It is these instruments that make Suzanna Owiyo worth listening. Add to her magical voice and the effect is wow!

Faith Naisaka collected the phone on behalf of Tina Kopiyo
The final winner was Tina Kopiyo. A lady of few words, Tina said, “I should win the Mi-Fone 400 so that i don't have to be switching of my phone to change the Sim when changing to a different network because this one is dual SIM dual standby.The issue of always removing one Sim to put another is completely annoying.”

Of her music preferences, Tina explained, “Most if not all African music is danceable that is why I love it. Youssou N'dour from Senegal. I love the way he campaigns for Aids awareness and he speaks against corruption and genocide, which are both known to Africans.”