Tuesday, 7 August 2012


CNN African Journalist 2012 spoke to the Star about the time he was jobless and had taken up to hitting the bottle. Tom told Catherine Mukei, "We have always been a closely-knit family, always looking out for each other. This was especially so when I unceremoniously left Nation Media Group where I was working as a news anchor two years ago.
"I had always had a job and was used to getting a salary at the end of every month. Jobless and desperate, I found solace in the bottle. My drinking got so bad that I was eventually admitted to ICU for a month.
"People thought that I would never recover but I finally pulled through. That is the time I found the real value of family, especially my brother Steven who was very close. His actions demonstrated how much he cared for me. People really spoke ill of me, saying I had all sorts of diseases but Steve and the rest of my family stood by me until I recovered."