Monday, 20 August 2012

Meet Mark Reguard : Spinlet's Music Maestro

A product of varied cultures, this Jamaican born, Rutgers University( JD/MBA) trained  music aficionado has in less than 5 years  in Nigeria carved a solid  niche in the Nigerian music industry.

One of the driving forces behind  Spinlet's incredible growth in Nigeria, Chief Marketing Officer's Mark Redguard's  enormous efforts are crucial to positioning Spinlet as Nigeria's premier digital music platform.

Redguard's portfolio is quite extensive, with a career spanning music, sports and law and working with such exclusive clients such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Jazzy Jeff & Will Smith among others and done recording and publishing deals with Universal Records, EMI, Sony, Warner and VP Records.

He was also executive producer  of a  number of  popular  shows  like O Access, One Dop and Jamrock 5 for Channel O.

Redguard   is creative, multidimensional and extremely hardworking, and definitely one CMO to watch out for.