Thursday, 23 August 2012


I got this email in my inbox, and I thought - short of editing it - I best post it as it is. Read on...

Hi Grace I am an avid reader of Hotsecretz. I'm also a writer with one of the upcoming local websites. Recently I was in an event and was really shocked by how one Miss Karun of Camp Mulla treated a journalist. Days before she was on twitter ranting on how she had been misquoted by the media but from her behavior I realised this could have been her fault; she is inaccessible. I just wrote this open letter hoping that you can use it on you Hotsecretz page.

An open letter to the Snobbish snortish Camp Mulla
Little dudes and dudette,
I have never really understood why fellow human beings listen to your music but I had no problems until I noticed how snobbish and vain you are.
Having been in the media industry for almost a year now you must know I have dealt bigger names than you including American artistes. The same people you are trying to imitate *Mscheeeew!* Either being the new kids on the block, you are drunk and blinded by fame or just being kiddish. Not once have I heard journalists complaining about about their snobbish behaviour when approached for interviews. The most notorious is Miss Karun. If she wasn't busy playing Queen Sheba thinking that King Solomon is going to leave you just because you gave us a minute of your time you would not have been bitching about Pulse writing false info about you and your personal issues. How do you expect us to know whether you are in Braeburn, Braeside or Blue band high school if you are so inaccessible Kwera usituletee! You are a public figure who still needs the media to grow so that 'private life' crap....keep it to yourself!Anyway I understand you ….teenage hormones. As for your drunk bandmates are they still being beaten up at Galileo's for being rude and broke? *Tihihihihi* What's with the chokora outfit? SMH
By the way , stop assuming that the world owes you and you are prolly Gods gift to humans. If the American embassy denied you a visa I can imagine it's because of you arrogance. You assume coz you are famous in Karen and some parts of Kawangware the rest of the world should know you. FYI if you were to be deported you'd probably end up in Turkmenistan! Hamjulikani saaaana. Jaaaaribuni Kutulia!!!