Monday, 9 July 2012


LAST night the 15th edition of Zanzibar International Film Festival was inaugurated. Opening film was the animated film from Kenya,  Wageuzi.The audience can now look forward to nine days full of film screenings, seminars and parties.

Director of Tourism in Zanzibar, Ali Khalid Mirza held an opening speech before the curtain went up, as did the Festival's Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ikaweba Bunting.

The showpiece took place at Old Fort where many people were prepared to endure for an experience that would last them a life time.

Dubbed the festival of festivals, the nine day celebration was accompanied by entertainment from groups like Dossar, Mwanandege and Tausi Women Taarab which turned a flame to a blast.

Opening the ceremony, Dr Ikaweba Bunting said ZIFF is to be a cornerstone building block of an infrastructure that will generate employment and economic activities for livelihood in the entertainment and creative content industry.

"It is not a secret that it is extremely difficult for African artist to, especial film makers to access markets and venues to exhibit their works, ZIFF has done that and we expect to achieve more", says Bunting.