Friday, 27 July 2012


STL has been featured in UK's largest Gossip, Entertainment and Lifestyle online magazine, FemaleFirst.
The site wrote an article on Scandinavian personalities and STL holds the fort for Nordic rappers.

Here is what they wrote about Stella:
“Rounding out our Scandinavian travails we have our first quality slice of Nordic rap. Stella Mwangi, moved from Kenya when she was only 4, but her music still has a fantastically African vibe, as she’s worked with numerous Kenyan artists to get the sound just right.
“While she may have failed when launched into Eurovision last night, Stella Mwangi’s found success in Norway, Africa and the U.S, having got her music featured in multiple TV shows and films over there.
“Mixing high tempo African drum beats and chanting in with cutting edge electro and dance backing, Mwangi’s just a great time to listen too. Think a mix between Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, Stella Mwangi is a lovely slice of something different from our snowy friends at the top of the continent.”
Here is Stella performing at a recent event…