Saturday, 7 July 2012


Afro fusion singer Nina Ogot bagged the role of the lead character in the Shuga: Love, Sex, Money radio series that has started airing on radios in various countries in Africa.
Nina told Hot Secrets, “I was given 12 scripts to translate and direct. It so happens that as I was reading the script I identified with the character, but I did not say anything until the English auditions began.”

During the auditions, Nina was placed in the booths and asked to read the scripts together with the other voice actors.
Nina has a background of working in the French radio RFI and lectured French at the Alliance Francaise.
Speaking about the character, Nina said, “Sofia is an 18-year-old girl who leaves the Village, she stays in Homabay. She leaves home to go stay with her boyfriend (in the city) but she doesn’t tell her parents that is what she has gone to do. They tell her not to leave because she is too young but tells them she has gotten a job, so she is going to work (to support herself).”
The series then follows Sophia as she tries to find her way around the big city with the various characters that will be crossing her path. Some of the characters are her sweetheart Fally, 20, Sofia’s cousin, Amina, 17, smooth-talking risk-taker Karis, 20, and a successful businesswoman and ‘sugar mommy’ Riziki.
Shuga: Love, Sex, Money hit the airwaves in its new radio format in six countries: Kenya, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, South Africa and Tanzania.   It is available in English, French and Swahili and will air three times per week for 12 weeks.