Monday, 9 July 2012


The controversial couple of Esther Arunga and Quincy Timberlake are causing concerns over the way they are raising their two children - Sinclair, 1 year old and their newest bundle of joy a three-month-old baby boy.
A source spoke to Hot Secrets highlighting the dismal situation in which the couple is living in Dubai.
“The reason why I’m speaking to you is because I think she is in so much trouble. They are still in Dubai and I’m worried about the children. When she arrived in Dubai, she did not know how far along she is. When she gave birth three months ago, the baby was malnourished,” the source said, “The guy (Quincy) does jobs here and there and Esther sometimes goes to look for menial jobs.”
The source claimed that the former TV news anchor and her husband have over stayed their visa in Dubai and are not in Australia as they had earlier claimed.
“For her sake, I would like everyone to know, even her parents, that they have already over stayed their visa. I would like to appeal to the Dubai government or the Kenyan government to (step in and see how they can) help out the two children.
“I don’t think the children are in a safe and healthy environment. They do not have enough food to feed the children. They look malnourished and underweight. Quincy doesn’t have the money to support the family and as a consequence Esther and their two sons are suffering.”
According to our source Quincy occasionally works at a car wash to make ends meet.