Wednesday, 20 June 2012


In an abrupt twist of events, South Sudan's songstress Nancy Chan fell out of favour with the Tusker Project Fame 5 audience after a wanting rendition of Katy Perry's "fireworks" to the stern disapproval of the

Nancy who has been on everybody's lips for her strong vocal range and electrical performances was this Sunday eclipsed by Kenya's Ruth Matete, who had the crowd in frenzy with an electrifying rendition of
Beyonce Knowles' hit song "Best thing I ever had."

Her well projected vocals overlapped those of the back-up singers and her stage performance had the usually stern Judge Ian Mbugua in a daze. The petite damsel was the night's favourite with Ian terming the
six contestants who had performed previously as curtain raisers for Ruth's sterling performance.

The Sudanese beauty, Nancy Chan was already on probation for misbehaving in the academy, and this might have affected her performance which was almost unanimously condemned by the judges. The Ugandan crooner, Julianna Kanyomozi reprimanded her saying "this was not one of your better performances."

The contestants had to up-the-ante following the eviction of South Sudan's Mer Ayang' and Tanzanian Imani Lissu the previous night. Kenya's Doreen Nyawira escaped eviction by a whisker after a prolonged
stretch on probation when the public voted for her to stay on in the Tusker Academy.

The contestants chose to save Uganda's Allan Sekiranda who unfortunately could not stay off the probation list and is once gain on the list this week after a weak performance of Chris Brown's "She ain't you". Uganda's Sharon Nahkioga was saved by the Faculty.

On Sunday, the contestants hit the Tusker Project Fame stage determined to stay off the dreaded list and performed current hit songs in line with show's theme, 'Trending' Doreen was first on stage and her performance of a song by Jessie J was praised by the judges with Hermes saying, "Whoever voted for you
last week is proud of you today." Judge Ian agreed.

Allan's performance was disappointing and got him in probation for the second week in a row, with the judges advising him to work on his diction and stay on key. Samantha's performance of the British icon,
Adele's song got the judges showering her with praises.

Kenyan Steve Holmes had the judges divided over his performance of Usher's "Without you." Asked why he sang it with such emotion, he confessed that he thought of his girlfriend while performing.

The self-effacing Kenyan girl, Eunice Gutu performed Jordan Spark's "battlefield" to a surprising approval from Judge Ian and disapproval from Judges Julianna and Hermes.

Sharon, who was saved by the faculty the previous night, performed "California king bed" by Rihanna which Judge Ian term as having "more bad parts than good ones, so it was bad." Luckily, she escaped
probation this time round.

Rwanda's Fatma Muhonza's rendition of a Jenifer Hudson's "where you at" saw her take a lot of heat from the judges for poor mic technique and her inability to control her voice. She is on this week's
probation list.

Tanzanian Damian Mihayo is also on probation after a flat delivery of Bruno Mars' track that saw Ugandan hit maker Julianna chide her concentrating too much on trying to impress the ladies and playing it
safe with his vocals.

This week, Rwandan Jackson Kalimba did not have the benefit of immunity from the faculty and he therefore had to sing his heart out for his survival in the academy. He performed popular hit "Moves like
jagger" by Maroon 5. While Ian thought it was okay Hermes thought the song made him struggle and did nothing to showcase his voice.

Joe Irankuda from Burundi was the last performer of the night with Judge Ian describing his performance as okay but "definitely not worth KSh5 million. The five contestants on probation are Kenyan Eunice
Guttu, Fatma Muhonza from Rwanda, Tanzanian Damian Minayo, Ugandan Allan Sekiranda and Nancy Chan from South Sudan.

Tusker Project Fame 5 will see 15 contestants croon their way to fame with the winner bagging a top prize of KSh5 million cash and a recording deal worth KSh10 million with Universal Music Group, a
multinational music company.

Tusker Project Fame is recognized as the largest talent search in Eastern Africa, and UMG has partnered with Tusker in the fifth edition, with Gerrard Foster, the Head of New Business Development for
Sub-Saharan Africa for Universal Music Group (UMG) International being one of the judges.

Tusker Project Fame, East Africa's first ever locally produced reality show, has been described as a hybrid of Big Brother and musical phenomenon Idols, with a thrilling dose of survivor-style voting.