Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Is it an ego thing?
Well another double disqualification took place today evening in the Big Brother StarGame's Upville house.
Zimbabwean housemates, Maneta (a 21 year old student) and Roki (a 27 year old musician) have been disqualified from the hit reality TV show after breaking the Big Brother StarGame rule which doesn't condone any two housemates engaging in a violent act.

The two housemates were bickering all day and despite Big Brother intervening and advising them directly that they needed to amend their behavior immediately, in line with the clearly stated house rules
forbidding violence and provocation, the housemates chose to disregard the instruction and their bickering continued and escalated into violence.

Maneta threw bleach at Roki's face which ended up burning his left eye and he retaliated by throwing liquids at her. Both, Roki and Maneta will be provided with psychological and medical treatment and counseling to assist them with conflict and anger management.