Friday, 11 May 2012


Rapper DNG who now calls himself the Rapreneuer talks about his recent decision to quit his job as a radio Presenter at One FM and his plans for him corporate entity 254 Entertainment.
DNG – real name Davidson Ngibuini – spoke exclusively to Hot Secrets about his job, his music and his musical crew, La Familia…

Have you quit One FM?

I want to focus on my personal, artistic and business interests. The artistic: My brand: DNG (The Corporate MC, Hypeman, Artist, Performer), my crew: La Familia and business: 254 Entertainment.

The location for shooting the Roho Chuma video was Ngara. Why there and what was theme of the music video?
The jam is about our desire to move forth in strength and unity; to realise our dreams and achieve our hearts' desires, hence the chorus: "Roho Chuma, Hakuna Kurudi Nyuma".
The song was produced by Ulopa & the video was directed by DYMK Films. Executive Producers: 254 Entertainment Ltd.


The location was Old Ngara. We decided on the location because of the theme we wanted in the video. We were looking for a raw, street look in line with the energy we wanted to depict.

Theme: La Familia are Street Kings...5 Star Generals (hence the military regalia).

It has been quite a while since our last single (We Go Hard) and upon our return, we realise that the streets are in disarray...fake emcees have entered the game, and we need to clean things up and put things in order...This time, we are here to stay...The throne is ours and we are holding on to it...This is us, this is our time, and there is no going back....

The visiting duo of Quinton and Andy Cole were hosted by your company during the meet and greet. Tell me about the experience?

The Airtel-Man Utd. Meet & Greet (EPL Trophy Tour) was amazing! It was a major honor for us. The event has put us on the map in a big way & it has proven that we are a one-stop shop all-round event and production company and a force to reckon with. We were invited to pitch against some of the industry's best: EXP, Homeboyz, Phat!, Roundtrip, Capital Events, etc and we nailed it! We are all about futuristic concepts and hands-on, reliable, high-quality execution! We are that agency that puts in pomp, flair and excitement into the usually-boring corporate events!

What else is your company 254 Entertainment working on?
This year has had a great start for us, averaging a MAJOR corporate event every month: We have handled the CCTV Africa Broadcast Launch, Earth Hour 2012 and Airtel-Man Utd. Meet & Greet. during our 1st quarter. We have big plans this just have to wait and see... Sneak peak...We are doing something with 'milk' this month.

Will you be going back to radio soon? or that is it for you?
I still have maad love for that…I can't say for now…I just know I want to build my brands and focus on their growth.

Anything else you would like to add?
All I can say is that God has been good and massively gracious to me. I am hitting a decade in the music industry in Dec 2012 and it has been a great run! Awards...Shows...Tours...Radio...TV...Emceeing...My own Entertainment Company; I am at a good place and I just want to take time to seek what God has in store for the next phase of my life.
Making major decisions is not easy, but I have made mine. I love my fans more than ever, and whatever I may end up doing, I simply promise them greatness and the top-notch quality they have become accustomed to.