Monday, 2 April 2012


Jamaican star Cecile will unveil the exciting new music and multimedia campaign over the Easter weekend.
The campaign is designed to assist, inspire and motivate African citizens and people of African descent from around the diaspora, to participate in solving the issues they care about.
With international support from the elite of the worlds music, film and fashion industries, it is expected that the inspired ‘Make A Change’ campaign, will benefit community initiatives, giving opportunities in Kenya and Africa wide in education, healthcare, youth economic development, famine relief and clean water programmes directly to the people where it matters.
The 'Make A Change' campaign leads up to a major televised multi artist benefit concert in Nairobi later in 2012.
‘Make A Change’ features a first time ever collaboration from some of the cream of Jamaica’s most popular recording artists including Ce’Cile, Alaine, Christopher Martin, Sherieta Lewis, Mavado, Gentleman and LUSH.
To download the ‘Make A Change’ ringtone and full song to your phone in Kenya via sms, simply text MAC to 7273 for more details go to the Make A Change website