Monday, 19 March 2012


The reigning Miss Kenya, Susan Onyango took the Hot Secrets one-liner interview and got really candid…
I’m good at
Playing basketball, tennis and swimming.

 I’m very bad at

The last book l enjoyed was
The Big Picture by Ben Carson.

 The most surprising thing that happened to me was
When I won the Miss Kenya title

 A common misconception of me is that I
I’m a big snob but am not.

One of my worst childhood fears was
Ghosts and spiders

My ideal night is
To doll up and go somewhere I could sit down and chat with my mates and I wouldn’t mind a bit of dancing.

In another life I’d have been
A student of engineering, which was what my parents dream for me was.
If I were a politician, I would be
A different person with a lot of commitments to the people of the country. In fact, If I were involved in politics, I would try to become a genuine lover of the people
rather than a political deceiver.

 The best age to be is
In your early age of teenage-hood.

The best part of my job is
Traveling and meeting new people.

 My greatest regret is
When I decided to show off my basketball moves and eventually injured my knee.
Historical figure I most identify with is
Catherine the Great

Living person I most admire is
Nelson Mandela. I admire him for forgiving those who put him in prison yet he was fighting for the basic human rights of his people!

My greatest achievement is
Having a Cancer Foundation and being a manager at an early age.

My favorite writer is
William Blake - Songs of Innocence.
 My lowest point of misery is
When I lost my parents

My greatest possession is
My cat I love it because it is extraordinary hope to get two more.

If I was to die in five minutes my last words would be
God please let me get into Heaven.