Wednesday, 7 March 2012


A documentary about Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony hit the web and trended on Twitter, Chameleone too joined the fray. 
The Ugandan super star who is now known by his new moniker Dr Jose Chameleone endorsed the Stop Kony movement.
He wrote on his facebook page: “If we all unite as one we can do it please watch share this video & create awareness for a good cause...let it be your first positive step towards doing whats right & changing the world...its so touching.” 

Here is what he was talking about…
Anyhow, the controversial singer launched his own mobile phone company. It is reported that he is importing the phones from China. Basically he will be a dealer but the phones will be branded  ‘Chameleone phone’ in different ‘Chameleone Colours’.
The singer who recently released a Swahili song dubbed Valu Valu will start selling the phones in April.