Monday, 19 March 2012


Kenyan Music personalities hang out with girls from Kibera for International Women’s Day. To commemorate the day, CARE Kenya’s Empowering Girls Through Education held a half-day event with the girls from  the ten schools the organisation assists. The day started off with discussion forums between the girls. After the discussions were over, the surprise guests we introduced to them – five of Kenya’s most famous singers – Wahu, Pili Pili, French Boy, Reina and Kawira. 

The girls were shocked  to see that the celebrities who they had only ever seen on TV had come to visit them, making them feel special and wanted. The artistes spent three hours with the girls, inspiring through their own life stories – many Kenyan artistes come from humble backgrounds, some even hailing from the very same slums as the girls. One of the things that all of them emphasized to the girls was the need for a solid education – one that would later act as a base for talent exploration. The girls were also encouraged to remain independent and stay away from any ‘suitors’ who may offer them gifts and financial assistance in exchange for sexual favours.
Before the celebrities left, they, together with the girls, left their mark for the future by placing their hand prints to commemorate the occasion. CARE Kenya’s Empowering Girls Through Education aims to facilitate lobbying and advocacy forums on girls’ rights to education with educational stakeholders and community members. 
Their vision is to increase the proportion of girls completing primary school education and transitioning to secondary education, while ensuring that the primary schools offer quality primary education. This is a fairly new project that started in June 2011 with a focus on empowering adolescent girls in the Kibera urban informal settlement so that they can use their education to improve their own life situations as well as those of their families.