Wednesday, 29 February 2012


The  raw and revealing six-part series, Shuga: Love Sex Money premiered in Mombasa last week. Hosted at the Whitesands Hotel, the affair was glitzy and accessed by the who is who in the coast music and NGO bizniz.
Here are some pictures from the affair....

Meanwhile, here is a an outline of the six episodes...
Episode 1

Sixteen year old Baby (Nancy Wanjiku) lives in the same apartment block as the older and more glamorous Violet (Sharon Olago), who provides a happy escape from her mother’s scolding and the uncomfortable advances of her stepfather’s brother, Uncle Joe (Wilfred Maina Olwenya).  While Baby is desperate to have her father back in her life, Violet, who is learning to live with HIV, seeks her own father’s support and approval.  They both make disastrous advances in their quests.

Episode 2

Baby goes on a reckless journey into the nightclubs of Nairobi on a quest to find her celebrity father.  Instead she finds herself thrust into the abusive arms of her Uncle Joe.  Meanwhile, Violet has to face the consequences of her own impulsive actions.  Suffering the rejection of her own father, Violet challenges Baby‘s father to intervene and saves Baby from an impossible situation.

Episode 3

Dala (Brenda Wairimu) and Leo (Nick Mutuma) are the hottest and most “in love” couple on campus.  While hosting his morning radio show, Leo interviews Nairobi’s biggest new singing sensation, Miss B’have (Avril).  There is an immediate spark between them and, encouraged by his adventurous friend Femi (9con), Leo strays away from his committed relationship for the first time. Finding himself in love with both girls, Leo struggles with Miss B’have’s demand to be the only one in his life.

Episode 4
Leo, intent on ending his relationship with Dala, has forgotten that it is their anniversary. Dala meanwhile, has organized the sweetest celebration.  Unable to hurt Dala, Leo decides to keep both relationships going.  Briefly, he enjoys the pleasure of both, but Dala begins to feel neglected.  After Leo stands her up on her birthday, she is vulnerable to the attentions of loose-living Femi, with disastrous consequences for all of them.
Episode 5

Kipepeo (Shirleen Wangari Kiura), a young singer from a rural seaside village, wins a talent contest and uses the prize money to try and make it in Nairobi.  After a disastrous audition, she finds herself adrift on the big city streets. Unable to face returning home, she goes in search of Angelo (Nick Ndeda), an aspiring musician who had passed through her village two years before.  Their partnership begins wonderfully, but Angelo’s thug-life past catches up with him and things begin to fall apart.

Episode 6
Angelo gives up on his dream of being a musician and uses his savings to set himself up as a street trader.  Kipepeo decides to use her charms and her body to find a way to get herself and Angelo back on track with their musical aspirations.  When Angelo realizes what she is doing on their behalf, he confesses his love for her. But is it too late for a happy ending?