Wednesday, 29 February 2012




Kenyan alternative rock band, Murfy's flaw has began a Music Mentorship Program for high schools. The aim of this is to “help fill in the cultural landscape of our community”.

The band made up of Reema, Number 9, Punky Monkey, Jojo, Jozie and Njeri will accomplish this by providing stimulating and engaging discussions and shows, to help youth meet personal challenges and provide an avenue for expression and creativity. 

Murfy’s flaW will supporting the efforts of schools to provide well-rounded educational opportunities to their students.
They will also aim to show that there are positive alternatives for youth, which will encourage positive activities during school holidays and after-school hours.

The band released their sophomore album, Hello Light, on November 11th 2011 at the Michael Joseph Centre at Safaricom House, Nairobi.
In February 2012, beginning with Precious Blood Secondary School Riruta, the band began their Music Mentorship Program Tour with the aim of promoting their new album, and to mentor young students to acquire a proper basis of education to tackle the entertainment industry.

The main aim of starting the mentorship is because the government of Kenya recently revised its education system, with the result that education in a number of Creative Arts subjects are no longer readily available to the average Kenyan Student.

Kenya’s history in music has unfortunately been a dire one, in which the most talented musicians usually die unknown and unappreciated due to a combination of piracy, lack of promotion and an inability to meet the right audiences.

This has resulted in a situation where there is no catalogue of Kenya’s rich musical history.
Murfy’s fLaW is a band which began as a hobby amongst friends, and through a process of much trial and error has come to thrive, and to be a trailblazer in a genre of music which people believed would never survive in Kenya.