Thursday, 9 February 2012


Kenyan movie Walking With Jesus, is a powerful modern day retelling of the of the old and famous Jesus film, that has been translated into hundreds of languages all over Kenya and Africa.

In the film, an evil and brutal African chief, (Paul Ramtu) has an unforgetable encounter with the film that shows the suffering of Jesus.

This message strikes him and he begins to rethink his life. Having been a land grabber, a woman snatcher, and an unflinching thug who took over everything he saw and liked,the chief is touched that some stranger by the name of Jesus, would bear the cross and die on his behalf so that all his sins would be forgiven. His encounter with the local teacher (John Sibi Okumu), who is also the preacher in the story, begins to goad on the chief. But he has done too much wrong for him to be forgiven, at least that's what he thinks.

And the chiefs generic African village is bedeviled by many problems, witchcraft and sorcery prevails, young men are involved in turf wars that leave many of them wounded, and some women are tormented by bareness. The teacher has his hands full, trying to bring the message of redemption and transformation, in a village that reels under the heavy weight of all this social problems. Will the determined and courageous teacher, wrestle all these challenges in the film?

The film through five episodic segments embellishes a modern story telling technique and a new way of preaching the gospel. Walking with Jesus re-introduces the famous Jesus film story into an exclusively African setting. the story is written by Africans, produced and made by Africans and specifically crafted for an African Audience. Its meant to be used as teaching tool by African pastors across the continent. It was short entirely in Kenya.

The film features the cream of Kenyan actors, Including the illustrious veteran actor John Sibi Okumu (The Constant Gardner, The first Grader), Paul Ramtu, Ainea Ojiambo and Carole Odongo among others