Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Kenya’s hiphop first lady Nazizi Hirji topped the hiphop charts on Reverbnation, an online website that aims to provide a central site for musicians, producers, and venues to collaborate and communicate.
Nazizi topped the hiphop charts for Nairobi. The charts are based on a Band Equity Score. Band Equity Score encompasses hundreds of things on the site. Stats like the artistes’ number of fans, songs played, visits etc are factored in, including promoter plays, percentage of emails opened by your fans and shared widgets. These are all things that are not shown on the chart but factor into your score.
Nazizi told Hot Secrets, “This is great. What I love about Reverbnation is that they use your stats of plays and views to do the ranking. It is not make up,” adding, “I just checked my page after a long time and I was happy to see that I’m on top. This goes to show hat I still have support of the fans and that people are listening to my music online.”

Nazizi still remains one of the most popular and influential artists in the East African region.  She has topped charts with her hit singles like Kube, Jeshi, Forever, Tension and Kenyan Boy Kenyan Girl featuring Wyre.
Nazizi has also inspired a short film Rastar that is based on a true story about her and which has been bought and aired by MNET. This year, she will be launching her collaboration album with Jamaican star Gingah.