Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Controversial personality Toxic wears many hats, from socialite to dancer turned singer. She spoke to Hot Secrets about her European tour, the love of her life, and her latest music project.
How is fame treating you?
Well, fame for me is somehow a bitch. So, I like to ignore the fact that it exists.

What was the idea behind the Independent Video?
Independent is a song I wrote some time back when I was still dealing with another single I had just released and it didn’t do well in the market. But I’m a fighter. I don’t give up. If you listen to its lyrics, it highlights on dancing and the independence of a woman. I wanted to bring out the two factors. Something that is different.
Are you recording any collabos?
Well, as for collabos, I won’t say much right now but i can say for sure I have a few lined up. Until I have at least had the song concept laid out and we have started recording with the artists, ill keep it close to my chest.
You are touring Europe right now, how is that like?
I have been to the UK for two weeks and its not bad. For some weird reason it felt no different from home apart from the good roads and trains and fast Internet speeds.

What shows are lined up for you there?
I have had a couple of shows here in Germany, where I am based. Recently, I performed in Augsburg, Gutersloh and I am currently getting ready to curtain raise for Awilo Longomba in his show here in Hamburg in December. I am still meeting new promoters in the field and I am sure I will have more shows with time.

What is the last book you enjoyed reading…
To be honest, I’m not much of a book reader but the book I want to buy this year is The Power of a Praying Wife. I hear its nice and I think I’d love to read it.

A common misconception about me…
People think I’m this arrogant bitch who thinks she has her way with everything.
Toxic with her dancers performing at the MTV MAMA’s with Wyclef Jean

My worst childhood fears were… 
Being raped.

My ideal night out is…
If you asked me that 2 years ago, I’d tell you partying out with my gals in Westlands, but now, a quiet dinner with my man and a bit of dancing would do perfect for me.
If I were a politician I would
Act more and speak less.

The best part of my job is…
Meeting different people with different characters, from different walks of life hence learning new things from them.
Living leader I admire…
Ahhhh… i guess this is where Martha Karua falls under. I admire her guts and if all women were like her - confidence wise - Kenya would be on a different level.

My greatest regret is…
I regret meeting the man of my dreams recently. I wish I’d met him years ago.

My greatest possession is…
My engagement ring.