Friday, 23 December 2011


Hollywood actress and founder the non-profit organization Faces of Kibera, Rooney Mara has teamed with a jewellery company to make a necklace for charity. KORA - a Los Angeles and East Africa-based jewellery company - has created the recycled cow bone and brass piece, which is being sold to benefit Rooney’s favourite charity Uweza. They aim to abolish poverty in the Kibera slums.

“I’m thrilled to work with KORA to help raise awareness of Uweza, an organisation that does such good work and that I’m proud to be a part of,” said Rooney.
The 26-year-old actress famed for her role in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo star has been working with the non-profit for years and has visited the troubled slums of the region help.
Uweza Aid Foundation was created because of the resiliency and ingenuity of Kenyans working to better their communities, without any external assistance. By providing community members the resources to implement their own ideas, Uweza believes that the impact of their work will be sustainable and valued by those reached.  Their main aim is to fight the cycle of poverty that persists in Kenya's Kibera slum.