Thursday, 10 November 2011


The first ever male talk show in Kenya, Mentality, is set to start airing exclusively on Zuku TV every Friday. The exciting and controversial show seeks to demonstrate the whole panorama of male behavior by discussing topics relating to men, but affecting women.
Mentality features a regular panel of three mismatched popular men from various professions namely thespian Ian Mbugua, radio presenter Edward Kwach and Pastor Simon Mbevi, alongside various female guests who give women a voice on the show. Ian Mbugua acts as the main anchor and gentleman of the show while Edward Kwach represents the typical male chauvinist. Loud, sexist, opinionated and arrogant, Kwach will say what Kenyan men are secretly thinking but too afraid to say out loud. Pastor Mbuvi steps in as the voice of reason by wisely challenging their views without coming off as conservative or scandalized.

“Mentality is one of many exciting shows that we have lined up on Zuku TV and we hope to acquire many more, said Wananchi Group CEO Richard Bell. “We are completely dedicated to providing our customers with quality local content from all over East Africa in order to both entertain viewers and support the local film industry,” he added.

Mentality is all about freedom of expression in an uptight society, as the men confess to a lot of things that women wish they knew, and fellow men wish they could say to their women. It is purposely designed to create controversy as the three panelists push the envelope where discussions of topics deemed taboo are readily explored. Topics up for discussion range from marital infidelity and divorce, to more outlandish topics such as men and birth control, women who carry protection and trophy women.

“The show will have a lot of controversy and conflict,” said Eve D’Souza, the producer of the show. “That always makes for great viewing. We will be looking out for topics that are considered hot or taboo and are otherwise shunned in mainstream talk TV. Mentality is bound to be a hit amongst both male and female audiences”
The show is set to air on Zuku Africa every Friday from 22:00.