Thursday, 29 September 2011


The Tusker All Stars prime guests Shaggy and Cabo Snoop and icons Msechu, Alpha and Davies, today joined the East African Breweries Ltd E-Green Team at the Karura Forest for a tree planting session as part of Karura Forest Conservation efforts. The Stars, who are in Kenya for East Africa’s biggest musical fete, the Tusker All Stars Concert, planted a selection of various indigenous trees and took time off to enjoy serenity and bond with nature at one of the country’s most famous conservation names. Speaking during the tree planting event, EABL’s Marketing Director, Kenya, Caroline Ndungu said, “Environmental conservation, as one of the EABL Foundation key pillars, is not only an initiative that we invest a lot of resources into but also a calling that is deeply embedded in our corporate social responsibility mission,” “Bringing the Tusker All Stars to Karura Forest, one of our country’s greatest environmental assets, therefore gives them the crucial and memorable opportunity in lending a hand in its conservation.” She added. Adding his voice during the exercise, American musician, Shaggy said he was excited to be part of the initiative.”Sustaining the environment is an obvious concern across the world and as responsible global citizens, each one of us has a responsibility to play in ensuring that we do all it takes to conserve the planet for future generations,” Shaggy said. “I thank EABL for giving us the opportunity to join them in this very symbolic and historical initiative,”

On his part, Angolan musician, Cabo Snoop in his native Portuguese noted that trees are one of the planet and humanity’s most valuable assets and whose conservation calls for genuine commitment from all. “As plantas sao importantes para o ser humano, por isso vamos manter a nossa missao em conserva-las (trees are important to mankind, let us make it our mission to conserve them.” Said Snoop.
Cabo Snoop

Uganda’s Davies Ntare, winner of Tusker Project Fame IV and Tanzania’s Peter Msechu were both making a second trip to Karura, having engaged in a similar initiative during Tusker Project Fame IV. “This tree-planting exercise is something we take seriously, it is not just for the show, but as artistes we are also personally committed to this cause and we will use our talent and position in the society to positively promote the conservation of the environment,” Ntare commented.


The Tusker All Stars will be in action at the Tusker All Stars Concert to be held at the Carnivore Grounds on the 1st of October 2011.