Thursday, 15 September 2011


It is official, top international acts will be in Nairobi for the much publicized Tusker All Stars concert that will feature three of the winners from the reality show.
The winners, Davis Ntare, Alpha Rwirangira and Peter Msechu are gearing up for the finale concert.
Ugandan winner in the just concluded Tusker All Star competition; Davis is “excited” at the chance of sharing the stage with three top international acts at the finale concert in Nairobi.
Davis together with Rwandese Alpha and Tanzanian Msechu won the chance to share a stage with American rapper Eve, Angolan sensation Cabo Snoop and Jamaican ragga heartthrob Shaggy at a concert to be hosted at the Carnivore on October 1.
“I’m happy and humbled that I got the opportunity to feature in the same show as the three acts. And I wouldn’t have made it if the fans hadn’t voted for me,” Davis spoke to Word Is over a telephone interview from Uganda.

Davis like Cabo Snoop failed to bag a win on his first try at the fame and a music career at the Tusker Project Fame reality show but on his second try, he emerged the winner.
On this similarity Davis said, “I would love to do something with Cabo Snoop. I love his style of dance and music.”
Cabo who is famed for his continental hit Windeck, rose from obscurity to make a name for himself. From the kid who was known as ‘Nobody’ Cabo has proved that he is more than that, he is a Pan African brand.

Eve on the other hand is working on her new solo album after a hiatus from music and taking up acting. The new album is titled Lip Lock.

Shaggy who is literary a Kenyan now will also join the star studded headliner list at the concert that will culminate the 8-weeks show where selected former Tusker Project Fame contestants sought to demonstrate the level of their growth as entertainers and the next generation of East African super stars.