Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Kenyan born actor Edi Gathegi now based in the USA might just be looking at a new role in the medical drama House as the new Dean of Medicine at Princeton Plainsboro. Dr Cuddy who was played the role of both boss and love interest to Hugh Laurie’s Dr. House has left the show.
TVLine reported that it will in fact be someone viewers already know. Although it hasn’t been revealed who will be getting the big job at Princeton Plainsboro, it will be one of seven possibilities. Edi who played Dr Jeffrey Cole is one of them.

The names mentioned as the possibilities are:
Dr. Jeffrey Cole, played by Edi Gathegi, who was another contestant in the hiring competition but was cut for siding with Cuddy.
Dr. James Wilson, played by Robert Sean Leonard, Dr. House’s long-suffering best friend.
Dr. Eric Foreman, played by Omar Epps, an original member of House’s team who once actually was his boss for a brief time.
Dr. Robert Chase, played by Jesse Spencer, another original team member with questionable ethics.

Dr. Chris Taub, played by Peter Jacobsen, who managed to make the cut when House decided to make hiring a new team member into a strange competition.
Dr. Sam Carr, played by Cynthia Watros, ex-wife to Dr. James Wilson and not exactly a favorite person of Dr. House.
And finally, Edward Vogler, played by Chi McBride, whose brief stint as the man in charge at Princeton Plainsboro left some serious bad blood between him and Dr. House.

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