Friday, 19 August 2011


Former Miss World Kenya is now a mother. Cecilia Mwangi welcomed a bouncing baby girl on Wednesday (17 August) morning at 9:29 am at the Nairobi Hospital. The bundle of joy was named “baby Cherisé and weighed in at 3.1 Kgs,” Cecilia told Hot Secrets.
She continued: “I have to give a hands up to all our women who give birth normally. I went through it and it is not an easy task.” She added, “It is an experience and a half. This is one of the highlights of my life together with being a forme Miss Kenya and winning international awards for the fight against jiggers.”
Cecilia who is an Anti jigger campaign ambassador was visited by Dr Stanely Kamau, the campaign’s founder and fellow ambassador and former Miss World Kenya Natasha Metto.
Anti jigger campaign boss Stanley said, “We are happy that she has added a new member to the family and we will use Cherisé to further reach out to other children in the fight against the jigger menace.”