Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Following a month of exhaustive deliberation with an esteemed Voters’ Academy made up of African DJ’s, bloggers, VJs and entertainment industry figures, the Afrotainment Museke Online African Music Awards have announced the nominees for the second annual groundbreaking awards. The awards are aimed at giving fans across the continent and in the Diaspora a voice and a chance to contribute to the acknowledgement of some of the finest in African musical talent.

Top Nominees
Submissions were received from fans, artistes, record labels and management representing the best and a lot of up-and-coming artists from around the continent and the Diaspora. Artistes dominating nominations include South Africa’s Freshlyground, Nigeria’s 2Face Idibia, DRC’s Fally Ipupa and Senegal’s Viviane N’dour both all 5 nominations each. As with the inaugural Awards, the submission and nomination process was open to all artists representing the numerous music genres across the continent. click the list of nominees to get a feel of the contenders.

Exciting Categories
The second annual Afrotainment Museke Online African Music Awards have come with the introduction of new categories which acknowledge the numerous genres that make up the African music scene. As previously announced, the Voters’ Choice category has been included in order to further engage with the African music fan in acknowledging artists who may not have enjoyed a lot of television airplay due to video submission restrictions, but went on to have an impact on the ground nonetheless. Dance is an integral part of African culture on various levels. The Tribal House category shows love to African-influenced dance genres including Kwaito, Kuduro and Coupe Decale - remember Daddy Owen's Tobina?.

The Afrotainment Museke Online African Music Awards are built on the belief in bringing together Africans through music exchange, and as such, the African Collaboration category is aimed at recognising efforts made by artists to collaborate with other artists outside of their own country borders. Now more than ever, African artists are making more and more efforts to collaborate cross-borders and cross-genres, with amazing and increasingly popular results, and Afrotainment Museke Online African Music Awards strongly believe in being proactive about acknowledging and rewarding such efforts.

With the Record of the Year, the Afrotainment Museke Online African Music Awards have taken the lead in paying homage to artists who include in their music themes and lyrics that portray a positive picture of the African continent and exude African pride. Finally, Afrotainment Museke Online African Music Awards know that DJs are an integral part in promoting, dispersing, fusing and creating music. The DJ of the Year category shows respect to DJs across the continent that have played a part in developing their respective genres and also command respect locally and cross-borders.

Voting Process and Awards Show
Fans of African music are invited to take part in the Afrotainment Museke Online African Music Awards by voting for their favourite and artists they feel are most deserving of honours in the various categories from 10 August 2011 until 18 September 2011, when voting will close. Voting will take place on the awards’ website. The awards’ show will be hosted and broadcast from Afrotainment’s New York studios on September 24 2011, where African music fans will gather and get down to the beats of some of the most popular African artists as they provide the soundtrack to the celebration of the finest talent that the African continent has to offer.