Sunday, 10 July 2011


Kenya’s Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta meet with visiting Sudanese basketball star Luol Deng with his countryman rapper Emmanuel Jal in his Nairobi home last week.
The duo, Deng and Jal had a chat with Uhuru about Kenya’s participation in the growth of what will be Africa’s 54th state.

“I can assure you that Kenya will play a leading role in ensuring good education for your people, growing your democracy through training personnel to be the anchor of your institutions and our private sector will be encouraged and handed incentives so as to invest in Sudan,” Uhuru told the duo.
Uhuru also pledged that he would personally support the Luol Deng Foundation that seeks to provide school uniforms, text books and classrooms for hundreds of poor children across Sudan.

Uhuru will also join Jal in the studio to record the rap single Tribalism is a Disease which has other personalities like MP Martha Karua, business magnate Jimnah Mbaru and PR guru Gina Din Kariuki.
“I will be dropping a few lines in the rap,” Uhuru told the duo and challenged them to use their talents to ensure “the growth of their country and to inspire hope to all young people in Africa.”