Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Sex and the City’ actress Kristin Davis was recently in Tanzania where she teamed up with actor Steven Kanumba.
The duo took part in honouring Tanzanian women food producers with the launch of a nationwide competition at the Makumbusho Village run by Oxfam.

The Food Heroine of the year award dubbed Mama Shujaa wa Chakula is a new annual competition to recognise outstanding women food producers, where members of the public will have an opportunity to vote for their favourite candidate. The project it designed to empower, inspire and support women farmers and pastoralists by recognising their contributions and increasing their visibility.

Kristin told Tanzanian press Citizen Daily, “I have been to Morogoro for two days and I had a chance to meet inspiring women farmers, I was impressed with their hard work and dedication that’s why I am so thrilled Oxfam is launching the food heroine initiative to encourage and give recognition to women who grow so much of the food we eat here in the country and even in America, where I come from, with so much determination despite the challenges they face.”

Commenting, the Oxfam Ambassador for the GROW Campaign which promotes a future where everyone has enough to eat, actor Steve Kanumba said women have been farmers in difficult circumstances for such a long time and they have never complained, much less received encouragement in what they do.

Maselina Kibena, who represented MVIWATA, a small farmers’ association from Morogoro, said he was happy that Oxfam and its partner organisation had recognised women’s contribution in feeding the society at large and took the initiative to support their efforts.

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