Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Former Tusker Project Fame contestant Wendy Kimani is coming into her own in the music industry. Wendy may not have bagged the Ksh5 million from the talent reality show but she came off the show with a strategy and a clear road map of conquering the big bad music industry.
Wendy who is famed for her song Clande had an interview with Hot Secrets and talked about her journey to releasing her maiden album. Her latest Afro-Soul single, Rumour off her yet to be released album, is slowly inching up the musical charts.

Life after TPF, how has that generally been like?
To be honest, really tough. But the best thing is that I take all that as life lessons and use them to motivate me. Because of that I’ve done a lot. Since the show I recorded a band album – yet to be titled – and is almost out, I have also shot and released a couple of videos and there are still more to come. Basically, I’m loving it, the good and the bad.

When will your album be out and what should fans expect?
Well, I really can't tell right now, when the album will be out because I'm trying to get it mastered after which, I can announce the definite date.

Which songs off the album have you already released?
I have released Rumor only from the album the rest have been collabos maybe I'll have a collabo album too…

Rumour, what inspired the song?
The single was inspired by how rumours fascinate us all, it doesn't matter whether they are true or not, we just love to listen and repeat them.

Who have you featured in the yet to be released album?
I have Manjoro how does comedy as well as rap. I also have Sauti Sol and B-Skills

You teamed up with Labalaa for the single Yuko Juu. Tell me a bit about the back story, how it came to be?
Labalaa and I meet way before TPF. We were involved in recording a peace song alongside other different artistes and we decided to do something but before we could TPF came along, so we waited and after the show, we finally recorded Yuko Juu.

Which other song are you planning to release next – off the album?
I guess it could be Nightstool, it is an all English song, this time round.

Last year you took part in the anti-rape campaign. What role do you play for the campaign, are you a goodwill ambassador?
Yes. I’m a goodwill ambassador who's roles involve coming up with suggestions on how to combat rape as well as spread awareness on rape avoidance tips!

Who is the founder and what does the campaign advocate for?
Adelaide Onyango started the campaign in May 2010. The campaign advocates for - global awareness on the rise of rape incident rates. Using social online networks to get youth around the world coming up with suggestions on how to reduce rape incidents. Youth from around the world sharing what organizations in their countries are doing to combat rape.

Lastly, educate individuals on what to do after rape in terms of medical tests they must have done, steps they should take to avoid tampering with evidence like showering and also avenues for legal action. All this is done through photography and video clips.

What is your take on the current scenario on protection of women in Kenya?
Women in Kenya are currently under attack through different forms of rape like date rape, marital rape and war rape (that was experienced during post election violence. Very little is being done to educate both women and men on issues surrounding rape. Also, very few people are aware of how many women in Kenya are going through rape and because of the ignorance. This issue needs to be taken seriously.

Anything else you would like to add?
All my fans can Like my page Wendy Kimani it will soon have all my music on it for now my stuff is on ReverbNation.