Sunday, 10 July 2011


Playwright and filmmaker Cajetan Boy will be premiering his new play Dead Talk that is directed by Caroline Odongo.
It is about Noah (Salim Gitao) and Paco (Joe Kinyua) attendants at the City Morgue, where they meet with Miles (Samson Psenjen), Baraka (Andrew Muthure), Nayla (Sharon Nytte) and Lucilla (Lydia Gitachu) who are all dead. Their spirits speak to them and they get to discover what happened just before they died.
Miles was ready to leave this world as he had made peace with his maker though he also admits that he made a mistake, which he is paying for through death.
Baraka, likewise, knows he lived recklessly and deserved to die, but did he have a choice in the matter? He on the other hand, cannot believe that he was shot 12 times when he wakes up in a morgue and meets Miles.
Nayla, a 21 year old, took a life and in the process she also died. She cannot believe this. It only seemed to have happened a few minutes ago!
Lucilla did anything and everything within her powers to make ends meet, including double-cross and betrayal. When she wakes up to find herself in a morgue, she thinks someone is playing a trick on her! Life was so good she is not ready to die! She still has so much to live for.
The two morgue attendants, Noah and Paco analyse the meanings of life and death, from the perspective of the living as they attend to the bodies of Miles, Baraka, Nayla and Lucilla who are just waiting to be planted six feet under.
In this play, Cajetan humorously delves into the after world and explores the thoughts, feelings and questions we would probably have if we were to literally speak from the grave.
The play runs from Friday July 22 to Sunday July, 24 2011 at the Alliance Francaise - a must see. To book call 0787 399 617 or 0715 695 452