Thursday, 30 June 2011


David Thon Garang a.k.a Grey Bull is a South Sudanese rapper /singer residing in Melbourne Australia. He was born in South Sudan during the civil war that drove many people away from the country in the early 80’s. Like many other Sudanese kids, Grey Bull is not sure or advised on his date of birth. He ended up in Ethiopia at Dimma refugee camp in about 1989 with his family. Grey Bull lost his father to unknown illness and was left in the care of his mother.
He enrolled at a kindergarten and proceeded to primary school few months later. He was trained as a child soldier just like the rest of the students attending Dimma primary school. At that time, the training was the institution’s requirement.
The war broke out in Ethiopia in the 90’s and they were evacuated back to South Sudan. He survived through many attacks and hunger as the war reached its climax. He grew up between the boarders trying to get some little education with the support from his mother.

He started his musical career when he was a teenager at Boma town in South Sudan. His mother tried to discourage him. To her, music was for beggars and school dropouts. Grey Bull kept his spirit up but made his mom didn’t find out he was still playing guitars or drums at the parties. She also turned down a request from one of the local singers who wanted Grey Bull to join his band as a local guitarist.

Grey Bull recorded his first professional song at Scratch Digital Records in Nairobi’s California Estate in Eastleigh in the year 2005 before his migration to Australia in March 2006. He did some short courses and gathered more crucial music ideas to become one of the well-known performers in Sudanese and African communities in and outside Australia.

He also work alongside well experienced artists and DJ’s and featured on some of the local and international radio air shows around Australia, Sudan, Kenya and Uganda. He performs alongside well renowned rappers and singers and participates in public events and festivals. He formed S.S.B music crew in 2008 and hosted S.S.B talent show in 2010 in Melbourne and Sydney. Great courage, hard work and perseverance are what have kept Grey Bull going.
His main aim is to become successful in his musical career, promote peace and be able to help the disadvantaged individuals like him to set and achieve their dreams, goals and ambitions.

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