Friday, 10 June 2011


Fast-rising music star Jerrilyn Mulbah announced this week, that she’s floating a 3-in-1 fitness centre. The debutant says the fitness centre would comprise of a Gym, Spa and Healthy eating restaurant. According to her “people are getting extra conscious of their health with regards to their weight, but the problem is they don’t know exactly what healthy meals to eat especially after exercising in order to watch their weight.
“For this reason, I have decided to open a fitness centre that would cater for this need for healthy eating along with the Gym and Spa. It will not be the regular eatery where you find snacks and other fatty meals. We are going to make available fruits and natural juice of all kinds. Also, meals that contain proper nutrient with the proper vegetables that provide the appropriate vitamins our body needs would also be included in the menu”.

The centre is also going to render bespoke services by professionals in local herbs preparation that helps in eliminating excess cholesterol in the body. “These days, people buy all sorts of medication just to reduce sugar in their system and burn unwanted fat in different areas in their body. Some of these medications are harmful to one’s health so, we are bringing natural herbs clinically tested and approved that would solve this problem” Jerrilyn says.
Health is wealth and it is not only about what you eat we are interested in but, how you take care of yourself in general. This includes knowing the kind of cream you should use, what you should look out for before attempting to but your cream and even perfumes. We all have different skin types and they don’t have equal capacity to absorb certain chemicals used in making cream so, this and more would be learned in the centre.

“I am very excited about this development because, aside my music, I am very conscious of my skin, weight and what I eat and I know that I am not alone. So I have decided to do this. It should also be noted that, we would have in the centre from time to time speakers coming in to educate people on the importance of healthy living”.
Jerrilyn’s new single Molejo and Mr DJ have hit the airwave across Nigerian Radio stations and are gaining grounds already in the music industry. She plans to release her debut album this year. However, she is presently working on other songs that would make up the album. Jerrilyn was among the top 5 finalist in the 2007 West African Idols held in Nigeria. The Liberian-born singer now lives in Nigeria with her daughter.

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